How to use protein powder

How do I use protein powder? When should I drink my protein shake? Read our latest blog to find out.
September 08, 2020 by Alberto Amoroso

BCAAs or EAAs? What's the difference?

Why should I use a BCAA or EAA product? How can these amino acids even help me achieve my fitness goals? Read our latest blog to find out!

August 16, 2020 by Alberto Amoroso

Why YOU should consider taking a magnesium supplement!

Why should I take a magnesium supplement? What does magnesium even do in our bodies? Take a look at our latest blog post to find out more!
February 18, 2020 by Alberto Amoroso

Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthier lifestyle, what does this mean? This is a common phrase that we all have said to ourselves at one point. In order to live healthier there are a few areas we need to focus on. The first and most common one is exercise. Our initial reaction to living a healthier lifestyle is to get active, whether that is getting back into the gym, going for a run or playing some recreational sports. The second aspect is diet and nutrition. With our fast pace lifestyle our choices for food can be questionable. We tend to go the quick option, which isn’t always the best choice


How can we implement positive changes to sustain a healthy lifestyle? When it comes to exercise, finding an activity you enjoy is important. If you hate to run on the treadmill then why put yourself through that torture? When you do something you don’t like you probably won’t continue it for a long. However, if you love to play sports and you don’t see it as a chore then join a recreational league. Or you can get a few friends and get out on the field or rink one or two nights  a week. The way to stay consistent is to find something you enjoy doing!


Eating right and ensuring you are getting the right amounts of fruits and vegetables can be difficult. But ensuring you do this plays a huge role in living a healthy lifestyle. My advice goes back to the same concept I used when you exercise. You need to like what you eat. A few things I do to stay on track is find recipes of popular dishes I enjoy. I choose the healthiest recipes I can find and stick to them! Switch it up every few weeks so you stay satisfied! The truth is we can’t eat healthy all the time and you should enjoy food outside of the “healthy” sphere. So don’t get down on yourself if you crush a burger every now and then, we do too!


When it comes to working out and eating right, supplements and health products do come into play. I want to be clear that diet and nutrition is extremely important. However, no matter how great our diet is we still lack certain vitamins and minerals. Products like multivitamins that include zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and biotin are important for our immunity, metabolism and overall health. Life can be hectic and we need quick options for breakfast or lunch. A healthier alternative can be to use protein powders. You can use a shake as a quick breakfast replacement, a recovery drink after the gym or a mid-day/late night snack. Our protein options are great for anyone trying to get in better shape, boost recovery or live healthier. Click our link to see which products can help you along your journey!

August 27, 2019 by Alberto Amoroso

Multivitamins: Do We Need Them?

Am I a candidate for a multivitamin? Check out this blog post and find out!
August 27, 2019 by Alberto Amoroso