One of the first supplements you tried or bought was probably protein powder. One of the  questions you might have is how to use protein powder? 


Whether it's vegan or whey protein, it is usually easily mixed in water or milk. Put a scoop in a shaker cup with about 6-8 ounces of water. Shake it vigorously for about 20-30 seconds and boom, you got yourself a nice protein shake. 


Now that we know how to make a shake, let’s discuss when and how to use the protein powder. 


When is the best time to use a protein shake?

Research has shown that a favourable time to drink your protein supplement would be after exercise. 


Why would you take it after exercise?

Studies have shown when a protein shake is consumed post workout it promotes strength and improvements can be seen in lean tissue and body fat! A protein supplement can help anyone who is regularly doing resistance training. Using a protein powder supplement after an evening workout and taking one in the morning will help promote exercise performance and recovery.


Can I have a protein shake for breakfast?

The simple answer is yes. A protein shake for breakfast is perfectly fine, especially if you trained the night before. It will combat an overnight fasted state of protein loss and makes an easy and quick meal to go. A quick tip would be to add some good fats (almond butter for example) and some fruit and fiber so it will keep you full longer. 


Protein powder as a supplement is an effective way to increase your daily intake. Whey protein has been extensively studied and has been shown to have numerous athletic benefits. An example of this is a 12 week study published in the Journal of Physiology. It was shown when a protein and carbohydrate mixture was given immediately after a training session, muscle size and strength both improved. When the protein and carbohydrate supplement was given two hours later, there was no significant muscle growth or improvements in strength. 


The timing of your protein supplement is important. For best results in lean body mass, muscle recovery and strength try to have your shake within 30-45 minutes after your workout. 

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September 08, 2020 by Alberto Amoroso