Our bodies are not absorbing Magnesium efficiently today. We live in a time with chronic GI (gastrointestinal tract) inflammation and heavy alcohol consumption. Both of which are on the rise. These factors make it difficult for magnesium to be absorbed. 

Why should we be concerned? Well, magnesium is responsible for many functions in our body. For instance, it is needed for nerve function and immune function. Magnesium is also vital to maintain bone health. 

Does magnesium have any other benefits? The answer is yes! It has been shown to improve slow way sleep. This is important because slow way sleep is a needed environment for GH (growth hormone) release. Magnesium also plays a significant role in the production and bioavailability of ATP (adenosine tri phosphate). ATP is energy for our muscles! 

How do we deplete magnesium stores in our body? Magnesium can become depleted during intense exercise due to sweating and urination. Another way we deplete this essential mineral is from our bodies need for magnesium for increased ATP production during workouts and elevated protein synthesis once we have finished our workout. 

Can magnesium help me towards my fitness goals? Of course! Magnesium supplementation has been seen to decreases cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and boost immunity especially during periods of heavy physical stress. Boosting your immunity is especially promising because if your immune system is down an increase of inflammation and decreased recovery time from workout to workout can be noticed!

What do the studies say? Studies have shown low magnesium levels have been associated with low anabolic hormones. Testosterone and IGF, both these hormones are needed for muscle growth!

Magnesium is an essential mineral that more and more of us are depleted in. With many key functions in our body it is important to ensure we are eating magnesium rich foods. With our busy lives today eating enough of these foods can be difficult. Therefore supplementing with a high quality magnesium is important! 

A few tips when looking to purchase a magnesium product is the quality and bioavailability of the magnesium. Our recommendation for magnesium would be the AOR Advanced Magnesium Complex. We chose AOR because of the quality and easily absorbed sources of magnesium the formula contains!





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February 18, 2020 by Alberto Amoroso