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Axe & Sledge Supplements Ignition Switch // Pre Workout Stim - 40 servings


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Stimulant Pre-Workout 

Ignition Switch was designed with a combination of patented ingredients. These ingredients were formulated to increase energy, sharpen mental focus to enhance your mind to muscle connection, expand blood flow and pump and add a extra pop your workouts! Ignition Switch pre-workout delivers all this with zero crash! 


Ignition switch is one of the few pre-workouts that contains four patented ingredients:

  • Teacrine® (theacrine)
  • Infinergy™(dicaffeine malate)
  • Carnosyn® (beta-alanine)
  • Agmamax™ (agmatine sulfate)


This premium formulated pre-workout was specifically designed to:

  • boost exercise performance
  • enhance mental and physical energy levels
  • heighten focus
  • promote muscular pumps
  • improve the mind-to-muscle connection
  • aid recovery


Get an insane workout and be able to continue your day or night without that terrible crash.



Product highlights: 

 AgmaMax Teacrine Dynamine CarnoSyn


Flavor Descriptions 

  • Shark Bite = Orange Mango flavor 
  • HWMF Freedom = Rocket Pop flavor 
  • Scorpion Venom = Mixed Berry flavor
  • Unicorn Blood = Rainbow Sherbet flavor 

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